The holidays are right around the corner, and you may have already started shopping for gifts. Is your horse on your list this year?

A new pair of金博宝下载would make a great gift for your favorite horse! We would love to help you find the rightEasybootto protect your horse’s hooves and make him more comfortable. Findsome tips on selecting the right hoof boot for your horse here, orclick here to contact EasyCare’s Product Specialist teamfor help finding the right style and fit.

If your horse is going to be in the ice and snow this winter,Hoof Boot Studswould make a great addition to any of ourEasybootstyles to give your horse more traction. Find outhow to apply Hoof Boot Studs to your Easyboot here.

Also, make sure you check out this funGift Guide for Your Favorite Horsethat our friends over atRiding Warehousehave put together for more ideas.

TheTough 1 Holiday Santa Horse HatandTough 1 Holiday Two Piece Elf Rein Coversin particular are sure to get you and your horse in the holiday spirit!


  1. I always think about the dogs when I Christmas shop; I don’t know why I haven’t thought about the horses too!

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