Certified Used Selection

What’s the difference? Which is better?

TheBargain Bin和我們的Certified Used programare the two options we offer for purchasing discounted hoof boots.

Every hoof boot that’s returned to us under our45-Day Guaranteegets examined by the employees at our warehouse in Dallas, Texas. Those that are “like new” that may have been tried on, but are still in close-to-new condition get placed in theBargain Binthere at our warehouse. These boots have usually just been tried on by the previous owner. They are 50% off retail price.

All of the other boots that are used, dirty, damaged, or not quite good enough for theBargain Binget shipped to our corporate office in Durango, Colorado. The Product Specialist Team here at the office individually inspect each boot that comes in.

We weed out all boots that are not in good condition for any reason. We do not re-sell any boots that have been damaged. We re-sell boots that we would use on our own horses. These boots that go into ourCertified Used programmay be slightly scuffed or a little dirty, but are still in great working condition and have a lot of life left in them. These boots have usually been gently used a couple of times. They are more than 55% off retail price.

Inventory is updated in both theBargain Binand theCertified Used programas we receive returns from customers. We do not have a wait-list or notification option that will alert you when we receive a specific size or style. Please check back if you don’t see the size or style you need.

You may orderBargain Binboots online, and select from different shipping options. You may only orderCertified Usedboots over the phone at 800-447-8836, and these will only ship on Thursdays via UPS Ground.