Submitted by EasyCare fan, Reed Dale.

I wanted to start off by saying, “Thank you so much to188bet体育网站首页and theEasyboot Cloud.”

I have an upcoming 17-year-old barrel horse that has extremely sensitive hooves. I purchased herCloudboots for traveling and stalling on hard surfaces. My mare has continued to stay sound since we addedCloudboots to our program. I’m a firm believer in that theCloudboots help keep down inflammation in the legs from lowering the impact from hard surfaces and long road trips allowing them to perform at their very best.

After much success usingCloudboots on her we purchased the boots for all of my horses which is helpful since we can haul up to 10+ hours to get to a rodeo and most times when they get off the trailer they only have about 1 hour to rest, run and then move on to the next one. TheCloudboots support my horse’s hooves and reduce the impact and stress that traveling can cause on their legs and feet. Not to mention that most shows we go to that have stalling arrangements now are on concrete covered with shavings. I know personally my back and entire body hurts when I stand on concrete all day and I’m sure it has the same effect on my horses.

TheCloudskeeps my horses on the top of their game and ready to perform even in adverse situations. My goals for 2018 are to run for Rookie of the Year and All Around Cowgirl for Barrel Racing and Breakaway Roping for IPRA, SRA, and SEBRA Associations. Cloud boots makes these goals achievable for my horses!