Written by Jordan Junkermann, EasyCare Product Specialist

My 23-year-old Quarter Horse mare, Billie, has been shod for almost her whole life. I have kept her barefoot for the last two years as she’s become semi-retired. However, she is still consistently sore right after a trim. I love theEasyboot Cloudand often use that as an option to keep her moving around comfortably the first week after a trim.

Earlier this year I fitted Billie for theEasyboot Fury Sling(watch Billie getting fitted here) to use when we take her out riding on occasion. It has been unusually hot here in Southwest Colorado over the past several weeks. In an attempt to give Billie a more open-boot option the first afternoon after her trim, I decided to put herFury Slingson her to wear around her paddock and small pasture.

It is a relief to be able to keep Billie comfortable in her older age. No matter what boot I use on her, she always goes from cautiously walking across rocky ground to confidently trotting out. The change in comfort is undeniable.