I purchased theNew Trail靴子我的馬,加布, this summer. Gabe has been barefoot for as long as I’ve had him, but we recently started trail riding much more frequently, and I noticed that he was becoming tender on rocks and gravel. I wanted to keep him barefoot, if at all possible, so I started researching my options. I quickly found that not all hoof boots are equal, but theNew Trailfit the bill in every aspect – price, sizing, quality, and ease of use. Since getting the boots, I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in Gabe’s comfort on the trail – he moves out better and is more willing. The boots are easy to put on, and they STAY on! I don’t have to worry about deep, thick mud pulling them off his hooves. Best of all, Gabe is still barefoot and comfortable! Thanks,EasyCare!

Equine Discipline:Trail
Favorite Boot:Easyboot Trail