Written by Lisa Mittler ofBare and Balanced Hoofcare, LLCin San Antonio, Texas

就像那麼多赤腳蹄從業者在那裏,我把這個職業脫離了必要性。我搬到了一個新的地區,發現一個陷阱我很滿意,所以我開始修剪自己的馬匹和驢子。我通過IDA Hammer的應用整馬蹄護理計劃認證了。在我知道之前,我把職業留給了一所高中藝術老師,全職工作。我從未回頭過回頭。

My company isBare and Balanced Hoof Care, LLC. I travel and work throughout South and Central Texas on horses, mules, and donkeys. I knew there was a need for barefoot hoof practitioners in South Texas, but I was shocked at how quickly my business grew. In a matter of months, I went from trimming a few horses a week to working seven days a week with over 250 horses on my books. I didn’t set out to stay so busy, but I love helping horses and donkeys. It’s hard to say no when I can help those in need in my area.

In my area,Easyboot Cloudshave been a lifesaver for so many horses struggling with laminitis and founder. The areas of Texas I work in are gorgeous! One lush, beautiful, green pasture after another…a death sentence for so many horses and donkeys. Educating owners about equine nutrition and the signs of laminitis are the keystones to my success when rehabbing horses and donkeys. Sadly, I am often contacted after an animal has been compromised by laminitis. Finding comfort for them while they rehab is a large part of what I do. I have witnessed many horses walk off sound inEasyboot Cloudsthat couldn’t take a comfortable step without them.

一匹馬,我工作經常聖ands out in my mind. She is a young, Quarter Horse, mare named Willie. Willie hadn’t taken a sound step in over a year when I saw her for the first time. She was foundered and in metal shoes that were crippling her due to their placement on her feet. I pulled the shoes, gave her a rehab trim, and put her inEasyboot Clouds.

There were a lot of tears flowing that morning when she walked off sound and comfortable. Her battle with founder wasn’t over at that moment, but theEasyboot Cloudsgave her enough support to walk comfortably. Willie hadn’t been that comfortable in over a year. Movement to get blood flowing to the hooves is key to rehabbing horses struggling with laminitis and founder. It’s been five months since the day I met Willie, and I’m happy to report she is doing great!

BeyondEasyboot Clouds, I turn toEasyboot MinisandEasyShoe Performanceglue-ons regularly. l also have many clients that useEasyboot Glove Softsfor trail and endurance riding. It’s so nice thatEasyCarehas such an extensive line of products to choose from since no two hooves are the same.

I could not help the number of animals I do without Dan Schroeder,EasyCare’sVet/Hoof Care Practitioner Dealer. Dan is always a phone call or email away and he goes above and beyond to ensure I have the products I need when I need them.EasyCare’s therapy productsare second to none. Knowing I have Dan to keep products heading my way takes a lot of time and stress off my shoulders.

其中一個天我會停止工作足夠長的時間來獲得我的網頁,而是現在,到目前為止,最佳地到達我的地方Facebook at Bare and Balanced Hoofcare. You can also email atbareandbalancedhoofcare@gmail.com.