Founded in 1970,EasyCarepioneered the first hoof boot marketed to the equine industry. To help reduce pain for a beloved family horse suffering from navicular disease, Dr. Neel Glass designed a comfortable, padded shoe as an alternative to iron shoes. That first “Easyboot” launched a new category in the hoof care industry known as the “hoof boot” andEasyCarehas set the pace through an innovative array of products that has expanded various hoof boot options and also into urethane horse shoes for every situation.

WithEasyCarequickly approaching 50 years of making hoof boots and hoof protection products we wanted to give back and celebrate a bit! As we get closer to our big birthday, we are going to start announcing some exciting specials that will help us give back to our wonderful distributors, dealers and loyal horse owners.

To kick off the celebration, starting March 1st, 2019EasyCareis reducing the manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing and dealer pricing on three of our best-selling products.

TheEasyboot Trailis one of our best-selling all-around boots in our pleasure category. It’s easy to put on, stays in place and wears well. In the past this great hoof boot has sold for $84.00 per boot. To say thank you to our dealers and horse owners we have dropped the minimum advertised price of this boot to $59.00 – a reduction of $25.00. Half the age ofEasyCare! Buy 2 and save $50.00.EasyCarewill hold the price for all of 2019. TheEasyboot Trail Originalwill also be offered at a lower price point to our dealers.

TheOld Mac’s G2is another one of our best sellers. Popular with trail riders around the world, this boot has been priced at $173.00 per pair in the past and will be dropped to $151.00 per pair for the remainder of 2019.

Thank you for helping us reach this amazing 50-year milestone! We hope you can take advantage of these anniversary savings.


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