Submitted by Mari Ural, Team Easyboot 2016 Member

Even if your horse doesn’t have the perfect foot, give theEasyboot Flip Flopsa chance. Especially for those people who want to go barefoot, but feel they can’t,Flip Flopsare the perfect solution.

Heart’s feet do not have the perfect shape forGlue-OnsorGloves.He does use them with help from a power strap, tape and extra glue because the shells tend to get a gap at the “v”. His foot just seems to be narrower towards the coronet band than at the base, although the trim looks great.

We decided to give theFlip Flopsa whirl. Knowing there would be some gapping we simply stuffed more glue into the gap. It has worked out great. He’s been out in sand, rocks, gravel and even some nice footing! He’s quite happy in hisFlip Flops. He strides out and theFlip Flopsare totally secure. The best part is that nothing collects in them. After the ride, there is no debris stuck inside theFlip Flops,它們是光滑的。當我們在泥漿, some did squish into the boot. However, when it dried it came right out again.

For those folks who wish to leave them on for a full trim cycle they are perfect. All the fresh air any hoof could want. Thank you,EasyCare.