Anytime you haul to an equine event chances are the parking is going to be horrible. There will be no shade, it will be on concrete or hard packed dirt that is worse than concrete, and good luck finding a place to warm up or cool down your horse. I strongly believe that what you do immediately before and immediately after an event has just as much to do with being successful as training and competing. This is why theEasyboot Cloudis the best tool in my arsenal to keep my horse performing her best.

I set out to see if thecould be beneficial in cooling structures of the lower leg. We love feet here at易護理, but we also like to see what other benefits our boots may have on other parts of the body.

To test the雲s在一個現實的生活狀態,不在受控的環境中,但在我們的客戶和我自己將使用靴子的情況下,我把它們放在母馬上,把她拖到了牛仔競技表演。當我從拖車上卸下她時,她看起來更舒服。與之雲son she stood quietly and didn’t seem to be adjusting herself nearly as much. She is a very fidgety, nervous, high strung horse so anything I can do to keep her relaxed before running is a bonus. The next part of my test involved using an FLIR thermal camera to check the cooling of the lower leg structures.

If you’re wondering why it’s important to cool off the lower leg of your horse, it’s because the tendons are like giant rubber bands and during an event they are stretched to the max. The faster you can cool them off and return them to a normal state the less likely you are to have swelling and inflammation, which shortens the recovery time. If you have ever had a horse with a ligament or tendon injury you know how long the recovery can be, months or even years, if not career-ending.


Using the FLIR after the run, I saw that theEasyboot雲successfully aided in cooling the lower leg and all of the important structures below the knee: the superficial digital flexor tendon, deep digital flexor tendon, dorsal digital extensor tendon, etc. Another post-run benefit of the雲s它們是多少才能申請。我是一個狂熱的Poultice用戶,但它需要很長一段時間,在運行後我沒有立即沒有。

Here are some basics for understanding how to read FLIR images. Yellow or white indicates a hot spot, but it’s not the only signal. It’s all relative to the temperature scale. If you have thesame溫度讀數,然後是是,可以單獨關閉兩張照片。如果你正在拍攝兩個四肢的形象same拍攝,那些可以比較,蘋果到蘋果。但如果你拍攝和一個second拍攝,在決定一個肢體之前,你必須檢查你的鱗片,另一隻肢體是亮白的另一個是良好的比較。


The next two photos show both front legs before the warm-up. Notice that there is a Celsius temperature reading in the left corner and there is a target at the location the camera is getting the reading from. You can see that her left front was 26.9 Celsius and her right front was 27.3 Celsius. My mare had the雲son for about an hour before we took the photos. The scales detected were the same, so we can just compare color to color if we want to glance at it. Additionally, the FLIR pinpointed an exact temp for where it was aimed, specifically.

在下一組照片中,我做了一個淺色熱身,大約10分鍾的小跑和一些誹謗。我的馬不需要大量的熱身 - 隻是足夠的時間讓所有那些肌肉移動,並確保一切都感覺正確。在我的奔跑之前,我做了很多散步,以確保她保持熱身但不會興奮。然後我們放一個隻在左前腳。我手走了一點不到10分鍾。正如您所看到的,左前腿靴子上的左前腿大約是右腿約2攝氏度。由於華氏人更好,這裏有轉換:左前方83.4華氏度,右前部86.9華氏度。挑選的鱗片幾乎是相同的,因為目視比較熱量從肢體到肢體的紅色。

The next set of photos are post-run. I did ride her around right after our run so she could get her air back but after that, we did the exact same thing. I only put the boot on the left front and then I hand walked her for about 15 minutes. As you can see there is a 3 degree Celsius difference: left front was 82.5 degrees Fahrenheit and the right was 87.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, the scales picked were identical, so we can visually compare the color readings as well.

Interestingly, in scanning the hooves where the pastern had cooled down uniformly (despite having a boot wrapped around it), the hoof is also uniformly heated from the coronary band down to the hoof. Again, the hoof was in a boot. The other pastern and hoof have not cooled down uniformly and still show the heat of the two suspensory extensor branches, wrapping to the front of the pastern.

I knew that theEasyboot雲would make my horse more comfortable while hanging around waiting to run but I’m glad that I performed further testing using the FLIR camera. Now I have proof that these boots make a difference in cooling down the lower leg and help aid a quick recovery.