Bad news: Your金博宝下载have been damaged.

Good news: All is not lost.

EasyCaredoes not offer a repair service, but you are not out of luck. You have some options.

If you purchased your金博宝下载less than 45 days ago,you can return them to us, no matter what condition they’re in.

We offer many replacement parts for our金博宝下载, and we can walk you through the process of using them. We have a number ofvideos available on YouTubewhere you can see the repairs being made.

TheOriginal Easybootand theEasyboot Epichave that easily-identifiable cable and buckle system right at the front of the boot.

We offerreplacement partsfor this system, and the video above walks you through replacing one of these cables.

This video walks you through replacingthe gaiteron anEasyboot Epic:

We are happy to answer more questions or help you with your金博宝下载in any way that we can. Please call us at 800-447-8836.