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I would like to purchase some金博宝下载for my 9-year-old trail horse. I’m wondering about the differences between theEasyboot Trailand theEasyboot Back Country. I ride in some rocky, rough terrain in Montana. I ride a Missouri Fox Trotter, and we typically cover a lot of miles. I’m curious about theComfort Cup Gaiterthat comes with theEasyboot Back Country. Thanks.


Both theEasyboot Back Countryand theEasyboot Trailare good for trail riding. TheBack Countrywas designed to be the next step up from theTrail. It’s a more rugged, more secure boot. TheBack Countrywas designed to be used in rougher conditions and to cover more miles (roughly 50 per week, while theTrailis best for roughly 25 miles per week).

TheEasyboot Back Countryis designed to fit a little more snug than theTrail. TheComfort Gup Gaitercups and protects the back of the pastern and helps make the boot more comfortable for more mileage.

TheBack Countryis very popular for our customers with gaited horses because it is such a secure fit that it can handle that extra action.

TheTrailis easier to get on and off, as it’s best for more casual riding or turnout. From what you’re describing, it sounds like theBack Countrycould be a good fit for your horse.


  1. I was told the back country is built around a Glove. Is that true? If my horse wears a size 1 Glove, will she also take a size one in the Back Country? Was also told to go up a 1/2 size when going from a Glove to the Back Country and need to know if this is suggested. Thanks!

    • Yes, the Glove and the Back Country have the same base. We do typically recommend going up half a size in the Back Country just because it’ll make it a little easier to get on and off, and there’s some adjustability in the Back Country as far as how tightly you apply the upper portion of the boot. The Glove needs to be as snug as possible because it’s the tightness of the fit that keeps it on and secure. The Glove doesn’t have any adjustability. However, if you have Gloves and want to convert them into Back Country boot without buying a whole new set, you can use the same shells that are currently on your Gloves, remove the gaiter, and apply the upper, comfort cup gaiter, and snug strap of the Back Country.

    • Unfortunately, it does not come in draft sizes. The largest Back Country will fit a hoof that’s about 5 3/4 inches wide by 6 3/16 inches long.

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