Written by Kim Burnop,Kim’s Farrier Servicein Suffolk, Virginia

TheEasyboot Remedyrecently helped make it easier for a young horse owner to soak her pony’s right front hoof.

This pony had a deep frog cleft in her right front. The owner was not sure how long it had been there. The farrier found thrush and two pieces of debris in the cleft, which likely contributed to the excess depth.

It was recommended to soak the hoof for a few days to expedite healing and thoroughly cleanse in and around the infected frog.

TheEasyboot Remedymade the process much easier than using a bucket! The height of theRemedyprovided extra material to grab to keep the boot on and prevent the pony from walking out of it.

TheRemedyresembles the human Muck boot that so many of us wear on muddy days. ThanksEasyCarefor making treatment easier for our beloved equines!