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This article is a continuation of my previous article,圍繞角落。以下照片拚貼是如何在高跟馬上鼓勵下鞋跟的一個很好的例子。這些是在一個帶有非常高跟鞋的小小馬上稍微和修剪後的兩個略微不同的視圖。他在3-4周內長大了這麼多的腳跟。我現在已經過了兩年多的裏約。他曾經擁有高蹄膠囊,有很多保留的死亡和木質組織。所有者和我曾擔任團隊進行以下變化:

~diet (Bermuda grass hay only)
~increased movement (owner designed and built a small track system for Rio and two other herd mates)
~footing (track system is in a desert area with sandy loam footing and the owner mucks regularly)

這座小馬的腳跟可能仍然太高,或者它們可能會再次下來,然而,它們完全活著,柔軟(死木質組織在每個裝飾間隔中除去厚,柔軟的健康組織。這是一個重要的區別a hoof that is unhealthy due to the heels being too high, depriving the regenerative caudal structures of the stimulation that is needed for continual development, and a hoof that is healthy and normal for the horse’s individual conformation. I refer to this as “bringing the life into a foot.”

(In other words, I’m not telling anyone how to trim, I’m just showing how I trim.)



~smooth and round all surfaces to simulate wear for comfort and precise weight distribution.


This pony rockets around his track system constantly developing better feet. He used to be edgy, timid, and bracey when being handled. In my experience, these are all signs of constant stress from the following CHRONIC conditions:

~tendon/ligament strain (throughout the entire body)
~joint misalignment (throughout the entire body)
~crushing of the hoof’s solar and coronary coriums

(Above) White arrow points to the apex of the recurve from Rounding the Corner (part 1)



On The Verticle


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我的目的是幫助人們認識到腳的s stage of development and trim to promote further development. Every trim should set the feet up to be healthier, stronger, and more comfortable by the next trim. I’m not so much teaching a method as I am sharing the way I read feet and make trimming decisions...based on listening to the horse and understanding the mechanics of the equine foot.When I first started shoeing horses I was most concerned about keeping their feet level, and this became more and more difficult as I saw horses with more severe conformation flaws, deformed feet, and horribly crooked movement.Perfect balance became my goal, and continues to be the focus of my attention. There should be no margin of error... ever.In perfect balance always; that’s what fixes them.God designed these beautiful animals to move...with growth matching wear, for every step. According to science, horses and their feet have evolved over 65 million years with their current form going back 35 million years. Since we have taken them out of nature, and diminished and restricted movement, it is our responsibility to do natures work and keep them balanced.