There are many different ways we can experience a world class equestrian event: as a spectator, as a volunteer, as a competitor, and even for some, as a judge. I’ve been honored to experience several of these kinds of events as a competitor and also as a volunteer, and they all overflowed with feelings of excitement and fulfillment. However, none of them compare to my experience at The Western States Trail 100-Mile Endurance Ride: The Tevis Cup, just last week.

Tevis Cup如此快速,輕鬆地將其到我的列表頂部,因為我能夠從兩個不同,但同樣令人驚歎的角度來看乘車:在本周的早期作為一名成員EasyBoot.精英團隊,然後在乘車期間作為精英船員!


我幫助的每匹馬蹄保護我覺得我是他們團隊的一部分。團隊中有六個人,加上加勒特福特和Christoph Schork教練。團隊成員包括Farriers:Josh Bowles,Jeremy Ortega,Deanna Stoppler,Derick Vaughn,Pete Van Rossum和我自己,每個人都在兩支膠合團隊中工作。一位合作夥伴將負責腳準備:Buffy,Scuff,Wire Brush,Mortching和Dremeling。其他合作夥伴將負責膠合:準備靴子,申請Sikaflexand粘著靴子,促進馬搬運,工作空間管理和啟動應用。


我們輪流相互責任,preppi之一ng and one gluing each day. The goal was to get really good at one part of the process on the first day, then switch roles, and do the other part of the process the second day. The repetition of one part of the process helped ensure consistency and excellence in application. I was partnered with Jeremy Ortega, fellow farrier and friend from California, who had also been on the team last year. With his previous experience he helped me get up to speed quickly on the tiny details that make or break success at a ride of this level. We had a great time together!

While my work gluing was over, the best was yet to come! I couldn’t come all the way to California to help everyone get ready for the ride and then not stay to watch! Even better, I was honored to be part of ride crew for Garrett and Lisa Ford. What a phenomenal group of people!


以及一支球隊的人員!Garrett和Lisa在過去幾年中紛紛越過終點線,Lisa將第二次與她的馬Ge Cyclone一起放置第二次,而Garrett 3RD憤怒。麗莎的馬甚至繼續贏得哈吉金杯。雅虎我覺得自己贏了自己,成為團隊的一部分。

我仍然從Tevis的一周開始“騎高”。加裏特最後問了我,“你怎麼看?不是興奮,關於騎行“?I thought for a moment and responded, “It’s amazing, every detail matters, the preparation, the training…but at the end of the day, it’s still an endurance ride, ridden one step, one mile, at a time, hold to hold, just like any other ride”. Now I want to ride Tevis myself, even more!

Everywhere we went,凱文邁爾斯被錯過了......“IR4KM”=我騎凱文邁爾斯被發現在馬匹,人物和事物上被發現,而T恤是豐富的“我們與凱文騎行”。我們知道他和我們在一起的精神!