Written by Product Specialist Jordan Junkermann

For those interested in applying theEasyShoe Performanceusing super glue, I want to share the results from my second trial. If you’d like to go back and look at the results from my first trial, you can read themhere.

Overall, I can see this application method opening up more possibilities for those who are looking for an easier way to glue. The best method using super glue is still going to be theVersa Grip Lightwith11 finger tabsbecause they were designed to be applied with super glue (read more on applying the Versa Grip Light and 11 finger tabs here). Our otherEasyShoe modelswere originally designed to be used with urethane or acrylic glues. However, I believe that in some cases, theEasyShoe Performancecould be used successfully when applied with super glue.

On my second application, I mimicked the11 finger tabsby cutting vertical slits in the cuffs along each side of theEasyShoe Performance. I think that this is the ticket to success with this application method.

The benefit of the11 finger tabson theVersa Grip Lightis that those tabs flex and mold to the shape of the hoof wall really well. The cuffs on theEasyShoe Performanceare much less flexible.

One shoe did come off in the first week, but I was able to clean and scuff up the hoof again, and then reapply the shoe. The shoe was not a perfect fit (my horse falls in between size 0 and size 1 in thePerformance), but after that reapplication, I had no further issues with the shoes for three more weeks. Week four is when the connection started to come loose again on that same difficult hoof. Because the connection came loose on one side, I removed both shoes at that point.

The horse was in a paddock or pasture throughout this four-week time period and was ridden lightly. We had some rain and mud during two of those weeks, and I was happy to see that the shoes stayed on in changing weather conditions.

I still feel like this application session was a success. The feedback I have received so far from others who have tried this method is that unless the vertical slits are cut in the cuffs of the shoes before application, the shoes are only staying on an average of ten days.

我的建議是,如果你想給這一個嚐試experiment with a new application method and if your horse fits well into theEasyShoe Performance. I am planning on doing a third trial on my horse before the snow starts here in Durango. I hope to do more riding during this next set to test this application method further.


  1. what was the effect on the integrity of the hoof wall after taking the shoes off? Did the super glue damage the hoof wall??

    • 超級th膠沒有損害e hoof wall at all. I am very impressed with how the super glue works on the hoof wall. The tabs made it easier to remove, so there was less material left over for me to have to rasp off later on.

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